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Verses From the Heart

Personalized Verses From the Heart
  . . .by Jan Endres

Here at The Wedding Gift Store, we have attained exclusive rights to Personalized Verses From the Heart by Jan Endres. All of Jan's verses are copyrighted by the Library of Congress.

When it comes to special family events, no one addresses the events with such meaningful clarity than Jan Endres. Take the time to read a few of her verses, they can't be purchased anywhere else!

Her verses have proven success by sales in the thousands, for more than 15 years. Jan says it the way that you would want it said, direct from the heart! Her verses are comforting, reassuring, heartfelt messages with the messages you want to express.

These verses identify heartfelt emotions from every event of human experiences, from birth to death.

Simple Instructions when ordering a "Verse from the Heart".

1. All of her verses are numbered.

2. Scroll down this page, find the category of verse that interests you and click on it. Find the verse of your choice.

3. Find the glass or crystal item you would like to have personalized with the verse.

4. On the page of the item you want to purchase, use the drop down box to identify the verse of choice.

5. Choose a font of your choice.

It's that simple!

These personalized verses make wonderful wedding gifts for parents, wedding gifts for the bride and groom, anniversary gifts, special occasion gifts and much more.

Verses from the Heart will make your personalized gift something the recipient will treasure for the rest of their life!



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